My account

You access this page by clicking on the top menu “My Account” link.

Account Settings

The screen is divided into three parts. The first one will allow you to change the settings related to your account: such as the language of the interface or the way the contextual help is displayed.

Change password

The second part of the screen allows you to change the password.

Change account email address

It is currently not possible to change the email address of your account. We invite you to contact us if you wish to change it.

Delete your account

The last part of the page allows you to delete your happyDomain account.

Once the deletion is validated, your account will no longer be accessible and all data belonging to you will be deleted shortly after, during a regular database cleanup.

From the moment you delete your account, your domains will continue to respond according to the last update you made on happyDomain. The deletion will not affect the distributed data.