OpenID Connect

happyDomain supports user authentication via the OpenID Connect protocol. If you have an authentication provider (Auth0, Okta, …) or Identity Provider (IdP) software such as Keycloak, Authentik, Authelia, … you can use it with happyDomain, and possibly dispense with the embedded registration and authentication system.


To enable OpenID Connect, you’ll need to set the following options:


The PROVIDER_URL setting should be defined to the base URL of your authentication service. The service should expose a settings discovery endpoint (at /.well-known/openid-configuration).

OpenID Connect provider settings

You’ll need to setup a new application in your authentication provider, with the following settings:

  • Provider type: OIDC ou OAuth2
  • Grant type: Authorization Code
  • Application type: Web ou PWA
  • Client type: private
  • Scopes: openid, profile, email

Also define the allowed callback URL to: